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Our extensive suite of support services has evolved over many years of research and feedback from students.

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Highly Experienced

The Institute of Allied Health is part of the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors Group (AIPC) whom has specialised in fully supported and flexible learning options for over 33 years. This gives the Institute unique insight and expertise in online learning. It translates into highly applicable and enjoyable online training.

The AIPC Group’s focus is the same today as it has always been – to provide you with the highest quality education supported by a full range of student and graduate functions.

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Self-Paced Learning

Your online course is entirely self-paced meaning you can easily fit your studies around your lifestyle. You have optimum flexibility. If something arises that makes it difficult to dedicate time to your studies, you can pause and pick up your studies at any time. There’s no penalty whatsoever.

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Flexible Funding Options

We keep our online courses as affordable as possible. You can choose to pay your tuition by affordable monthly instalments, or upfront for which you receive a substantial discount.

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Course Delivery and Assessment

You access your learning materials through your online portal to complete the content and knowledge-based aspects of each unit.

To progress your online course, simply work through the content for each unit, complete the assessment questions, and upload your assessments for marking.

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Practical and Work Experience

Each online course is structured to ensure you graduate with a high level of knowledge and skills. You will be able to apply your knowledge and skills with confidence.

Some online courses include some practical components which can be completed through skills demonstrations completed online in small groups or individually, or by uploading a recording online.

Some online courses include a work placement where you complete some hours within an organisation, service or agency. Work placements assist in transitioning from application of your knowledge and skills in a simulated setting to real settings. A placement enables the development of learned skills in a supportive and professional context.

The Institute of Allied Health provides guidelines on how to access work placements, and supports you in your contacts with potential organisations. Institute staff also check in with you and the organisation regularly during the placement.

The course guide details which units require practical assessments and/or work placement.

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Support Centres

With our network of Student Support Centres, support is always close by. Your Student Support Centre assists you with all aspects of commencing and progressing your online course.

See our Student Support Locations.

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Learning Management System

You have 24/7 access to your online portal to access your course learning resources, assistance and assessments online. You can join online forums and communicate with education staff for academic support. You have complete control over how, when and where you learn.

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Study Assistance

You have unlimited access to the Institute’s Toll Free 1300 Study Assistance Line where you can speak with an education staff member to have all your online study and assessment queries answered. Our education staff are there to assist you with your academic support.

You can also send us a query here.

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Graduate Communities

After completing your online course, you have the opportunity to connect with AIPC Mentors to develop your job search skills. Through the WorkReady program, you can access resources to support and achieve your career outcomes.

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Student Handbook

Download our student handbook here.



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